We are the RopeWalks CIC (Community Interest Company) – an organisation working for its location community for more than 15 years. Our team is made up of individuals and representatives from businesses and the local community, meeting regularly to discuss matters relating to the area and collaborating with other stakeholders in order to fulfil the area’s full potential.

About RopeWalks CIC

RopeWalks CIC was set up with the primary objective of promoting the area, in the interests of local businesses, its residents, community organisations and Arts, Education and Public Services institutions.

The main aims of RopeWalks CIC are to:

  • Create and encourage synergy between local businesses, organisations and residents
  • Provide for long-term social, environmental and economic sustainability of the area
  • Maintain RopeWalks as a vibrant area to live in, work in and visit
  • Promote healthy living for the local community, whilst working towards a low carbon footprint

We are involved – in a direct and consultative capacity – with various exciting topics relevant to the area, from events including the Bold Street Festival, to the current Highways Review scheme, and schemes to ‘green’ our area of the City Centre. We support regular RopeWalks clean-ups and have recently hosted an all-morning RopeWalks summit (focussing on environmental and anti-social behaviour related matters).

RopeWalks CIC is a registered legal entity, that works as a consultant body in dialogue with Liverpool City Council and other public sector shareholders. In this capacity, the CIC acts as applicant and conduit for private and public funding bids to improve health, wellbeing and culture in the area.

Meetings are held at FACT, and the CIC is chaired by:

  • Jo Wright, Executive Director at FACT
  • Peter Schriewersmann, Chair Ropewalks Residents

About Directorship & Membership

RopeWalks CIC is looking to extend and diversify its membership, and would welcome applications from people from all backgrounds, communities, and demographics with a stake in the area.


We are currently looking to strengthen our Board with at least two additional Directors (of which at least one will be female). If you have a significant interest / stake in the RopeWalks – or know somebody who does – and would be interested in finding out more, please get in touch with us.


If you feel, that committing to a Director-role is not for you, but would like to be involved in what happens in the area, please consider membership. We have various working groups (covering different core business areas within the RopeWalks) in place and would love your input to these. Membership is open to any local business owner, representatives from small businesses and organisations, and individuals with an interest in the area. Anyone may apply, and be considered to join.

Being part of RopeWalks CIC is a voluntary commitment and you will not be remunerated for your time.


If you would like to join the RopeWalks CIC, please contact us with a statement, no more than 400 words outlinging:

(1) Why you want to join the Ropewalks CIC

(2) What experience, knowledge, skills, networks and resources you feel you could bring to the committee.

These statements will be shortlisted by the current Directors, and later reviewed at the September meeting of the CIC, so please do not include anything that is confidential or personally-sensitive. Please email your application to Sinéad Nunes, Executive Assistant to Jo Wright at sinead.nunes@fact.co.uk